NANTAI CR1020 Common Rail Test Bench with CRI CRP QR Code Function CR1018 Common Rail Injector Pump Test Bench

Short Description:

CR1020 is our new design common rail system test bench.

Mainly test for common rail pump and injector.

if want to add EUI/EUP function, also no problem, it is an optional function.

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CR1020 Common Rail Test Bench

Common rail test bench is the professional test bench which is used for testing common rail system, mainly test for common rail pump and injectors.

Also it is continuous fuel delivery analysis computerized measuring system for conventional and new diesel injection systems.

The electronic fuel delivery measuring system is compulsory for modern diesel injection system testing.

It guarantees a high level of re-productivity of the measured valve.

Functions of CR1020 Test Bench

1. Common Rail Pump of BOSCH / DELPHI / DENSO / SIEMENS

2. Common Rail Injector of  BOSCH / DELPHI / DENSO / SIEMENS and PIEZO injector testing.

3. Injector inductance testing.

4. HPO pump testing.

5. Testing data is inside.

6. EUI/EUP testing function.(optional)

7. CAT 320D pump testing. (optional)

8. CRIN4 4-pin injector testing.(optional)

9. HP5 HP6 pump testing.(optional)


Machine Details of CR1020 Common Rail System Test Bench

Technical Parameters of CR1020 Common Rail Test Bench

Output Power 7.5kw, 11kw
Electronic Power Voltage 380V, 3PH / 220V, 3PH/ 220V, 1PH
Motor Speed 0-4000RPM
Pressure Adjustment 0-2300BAR
Flow Testing Range 0-600ml/1000times
Flow Measurement Accuracy 0.1ml
Temperature Range 40±2
Cooling System Air or Forced Cooling

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